Hi, I’m Kerstin.

I am a young film student, who enjoys telling authentic and touching stories. Due to my strong background in theatre and acting, I equally enjoy the drama of a film set as well as the one behind a stage.

After three years of studying MultiMediaArt at the Universtiy of Applied Sciences in Salzburg my CV is now sprouting a BA in Arts & Design. A MA should follow soon.


Through several theatre productions and student films I was able to gain valuable experience in working with actors and actresses.  During my  internship with Tony Petersen Film in Berlin I got the chance to learn so much about commercial film making and the process involved. Next to the fact that I now feel way more competent in producing. A fact that helped me as the producer of my bachelor film „La Famille – An Afternoon for a whole life“  and will help me as the director of my master film „Hayah“.

When I am not working on a new project one can find me either in the local theatre group or on my way travelling and discovering the world. Previously I lived in Ohio, US., London, UK and Berlin, DE . I am currently found in Salzburg, AT.

Take a look at my portfolio or my CV or write me a few lines: mail@kerstin-glachs.com