anatomie einer erinnerung (AT 2020). directed by Kerstin Glachs,
Short Film I  Drama.
University of Applied Sciences Salzburg.
Roles: Writer, Director, Producer


Ten-year-old Mia becomes witness to her mother’s alcoholism. Too young to really comprehend the circumstances, Mia clings to the pretense of a happy family. But when the roles of mother and daughter start to reverse, Mia needs to leave her childhood behind and take up responsibility for herself, her brother and her mother.


Marlene König
Miriam Fontaine
Vincent König
Philip Kramer
Sebastian Thiers


Written and Directed: Kerstin Glachs
Director of Photography: Mario Klaus
Gaffer: Jakob Neuhauser
Production Design: Julia Wohlgemuth
Hair and Makeup: Magda Rosa Schuster
Costume: Stefan Stoppel

Sound Design: Chrisoph Kuntschnik (Dock 13)
Composer: veronika hanl

„Du träumst“
written by veronika hanl and Julia Romana
vocals and lyrics: Julia Romana
arrangement, production, mix: veronica hanl

The film was produced as final work at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

Copyright: 2020