Eutychia is take on the future. In a society where they main goal is happines – unhappiness can become a crime. In 6 stories – 6 short scene one gets a glimpse on every aspect of live „Eutychia“ seems important for happiness:

Equality, Freedom, Education, Security, Wisdom, Health.

Eutychia – means „absolute happiness.“ If all 6 of those aspects are met it can be secured. At least that is the idea behind the society „Eutychia“ itself.

For myself the film raises the question: Is it okay to be controlled or under constant surveillance if the people in that world are happy?

Eutychia (July  2016). Kerstin Glachs.
Nina Pintis and Kerstin Glachs. Short Film. Universtiy of Applied Sciences Salzburg.
Roles: Writer, Director.    

Behind the Scenes