Daughter is an audiovisual life performance where the story of a young girl in the aftermath of a sexual assault is told through visuals, on stage acting as well as live music.

During the course of the half year we wrote a story about the healing process after the assault. After consulting victims and trying to get their own story into the project we tried to create a story true to the process and the sobriety of the situation.

Next to the story itself – we also produced an album with all 13 songs that are part of the story.

The Story

Behind the idea of a modern fairytale the story unfolds as a young girl finds herself in a endless dark wood. She meets first a bear who tries to compell her to forget and then a wolf who tries to make her fight. Only as she realizes that none of the two solutions work they go on a journey to find a sorcerous being, who in the end cannot give a solution that is after all an extremly personal one. But one thing is clear: Healing is as much as a process as it is a decision and in the end the sun will rise even in the darkest of woods.

The Play

Together with Magda-Rosa Schuster, who was in charge of the stage design we created a concept as well as story board for the play itself. The only thing left is taking it to the stage.


Daughter by Kerstin Glachs  (May 2017). Kerstin Glachs.
An audiovisual theatre performance.
Role: Writer/ Director